A world to which Tuomas Holopainen likes to take us is unique. It is the world painted by the artist’s imagination with colors that are not known to us. This artist calls himself The Escapist.

It was quite obvious for some time that there would be a film with Nightwish music one day. Tuomas said during many interviews that he would love to create a soundtrack for a movie. Every Nightwish album was a next step towards this dream. The band took us on their musical journey many times, starting with their debut album Angels Fall First. It got more adventurous and more fascinating with every next album, thanks in a large part to Tarja Turunen’s voice. It all could burst like a bubble with the line-up change that saw Tarja out of the band replaced by a Swedish singer, Anette Olzon, whose voice varied greatly from Tarja’s. But even those who were not entirely convinced by Anette’s singing on Dark Passion Play will fell in love with her voice on Imaginearum. She really deserves praise for using her magical and colorful voice to the tell the story that was created thanks to Tuomas’ musical dreams.

Imaginearum is a story about an older man, once a composer, who slipped into a coma. Suffering from dementia, Tom goes back to the times of his childhood. Thanks to this fantastic journey back to the past he can revive his memories. And these are vivid ones, though Tom does not remember anything from his adult life – neither his music, nor his own daughter and friends.

His journey through the hidden paths of his sub-consciousness  leads him to the places where he can find answers to many of his questions. His daughter, Gem, also sets off for her own journey aimed at establishing the once so beautiful bond that she had with his father. This bond became weaker through the years. The obstacles that they both have to face during their journeys may make the distance between Gem and her dying father even bigger.

To fulfill the artist’s wish, the spectators should also think about their lives. The producers, musicians and PR people ensure us that this movie should really inspire our imagination. So to do our homework, we ask ourselves: what is really most important in our lives? Can the power of memories help us in the last stage of our lives? Can our imagination lighten up the deepest darkness? Are we still able to love, even when we remember the most bitter moments? You can find the answers in the music and the film by Nightwish. Like they taught us in school – “this is what the author had on his mind.”

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